Streams and Creeks

Streams are beautiful. Maybe not every part of them, but especially in the beginning when they are young, fresh, full of (e)motion, plans and movement. Even the name of the model for classifying and describing flowing water, the ‘river continuum concept’ sounds like a journey. A journey from source to sea.

“Krimmler Ache 1”

A lot of rocks and clear water.

 “Krimmler Ache 2”

Beautiful creek between two parts of the “Krimmler Waterfall” with nature sound.

 “Krimmler Ache 3”

Just at the end of the gentle stream, seconds before it turns into the mighty “Krimmler waterfall”.

Creek in district Zell am See/Austria I

In this district there are many small creeks with crystal clear water. A lot of mountains and regular periods of rain causes this and lead them all to the river “Salzach” finaly.


In the valley “Saalachtal” is a nice little stream which merges to the “Salzach” later

Creek in district Zell am See/Austria II

The water of that creek is actually very clear and clean. The impression of black water is due the black rocks.

Creek in district Zell am See/Austria III

Mossy stones but clear water. After heavy rain it’s certainly muddy, but normaly it has drinking water quality.

Creek in district Zell am See/Austria IV

The “Hintersee” is a small lake which gets its water from several trickles of the valley. The creek drains the lake in a calm way.

Creek in Zell am See/Austria V

You like fairy tales? Well, here you are. But don’t expect unicorns.

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