Soothe and relax

Free relaxing videos in FULL-HD and with nature sounds. For yoga, meditation, inspiration, soothing, studying, chilling. Gently flowing streams, waterfalls, waves on the beach and more. Enjoy hours of calm videos of the nature. Gentle Elements brings nature to your home.

Stressed? Need to relax?

Was you day hard and stressful? Do you need to wind down, relax, clear your mind and be inspired?  Maybe you need to study and need something that keeps your stress levels low? Or perhaps you simply want to sit down and forget all about your worries for a while.  Whatever  your reason, watching videos which incorporate the sounds of nature is bound to help calm your nerves and help you relax.

Streams and Creeks

ARE YOU A WORKHOLOIC? In our hectic world we all need time to rest. Relaxing is not always easy and not everyone has an "off" switch. Just sit down and do nothing? Relax and calm down? Yes, there are people who are able to do this, but not everyone can.


CONSTANTLY STRESSED? There are many books and sites on the internet where you can get lots of tips and instruction about how to calm down, relax and free your mind. Additionally it can be helpful to leave your normal environment.


UPTIGHT, ALWAYS IN A RUSH? If you don't have the opportunity to visit a nice place outside your property, visit a nice place inside instead.

Just choose and enter.

Incorporating the sounds of nature.

Watch rushing/tumbling waterfalls, inspiring beaches, calming streams and rivers and relaxing creeks.  Listen to the voice of nature.  The sounds have been recorded at the places shown so what you hear is what you see.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in the comfort of your own living room.