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Enjoy hours of relaxing, inspiring and calm videos with nature sounds for free.
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Stressed? Relax!

Your day was a hard one? Do you wish to calm down and relax, free your mind and get some inspiration? Or maybe you want to study and need something that keeps your stress level low? Perhaps you just want to sit down and forget about your worries for a while. Whatever your reason is, watching some videos with nature sounds may help you to soothe your nerves. Relax!

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Videos in FULL-HD

Enjoy hours of relaxing, inspiring and calm videos in FULL-HD. Chill out or use them for yoga or studying. For now, there are just a few, but there will be more continuously. It just takes time to find good locations in the right condition. In the video section, you will find some description of the places. Discover!



Watch rushing waterfalls, inspiring beaches, calm streams, rivers and relaxing creeks and listen to the voice of nature. The sounds have been recorded on the shown places, that means what you hear is what you see. So, what about a relaxing view in your living room with nature sounds? Enjoy!



The demand of relaxing aid is certainly not always the same. Different people need different kind of support. There are several categories of videos available. New categories and more videos will be placed here continuously. Choose!

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Have a look

Watch our trailer and enjoy some impressions. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and… hmmm… no, wait! That might not work. Have a look, listen and relax. Yes, that’s it.

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Our YouTube channel

Here you will find all the relaxing videos. Every video last 3 hours non-stop and in comes in 1080p. If you like them, subscribe to the channel. Comments and questions are very welcome. To support this channel, please share and recommend us. Thank you!

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You want to know more about relaxing or how to reduce stress?

About relaxing

Are you a workoholic, constantly stressed, concerned or in a rush? In our hectic world we all need sometimes a rest. Relaxing is not always easy and not everyone has an "off" switch. Just sit down and do nothing? Relax and calm down easily? Yes, there are people who can do that, but not everyone is able to. There are many books or also sites in the internet where you can find a lot of hints and instructions how to calm down, relax and free your mind. Additionally to that it can be helpful to leave your accustomed environment. If there is no possibility to visit a nice place outside, get the nice place inside instead. Just scroll down and enter.

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Beaches and calm waves

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